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What is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO Consultant is a digital strategist who optimizes your websites for various search engines and enhances online visibility. They use techniques like keyword analysis, content optimization, and link building to boost keywords ranking. At ProfitByPPC, we create the best and most personalized SEO strategies to make your business stand out in the competitive edge.


Most of our clients double their traffic within 6-9 months.

What does an SEO consultant do?

An SEO consultant plays a vital role in your organic success. They work to enhance your organic visibility, keyword ranking, organic traffic, leads, and revenue for your website.

Analyze the Current SEO Status of the Website

At ProfitByPPC, our SEO Consultants analyze your website's existing SEO status in-depth. We identify the key metrics, identifying strengths and weaknesses. This in-depth examination helps us to create a dedicated SEO strategy to boost your site's overall performance.

Identify the Right SEO Problems that Affect Organic Growth

Our expert SEO consultants discover all SEO issues affecting your digital and website's organic growth. SEO consultants address all challenges, work to improve your search engine ranking and ensure you achieve your online objectives.

Create a Detailed SEO Strategy for Organic Ranking

An SEO consultant creates a comprehensive and robust SEO strategy and a roadmap to improve your organic ranking on SERP. Our strategies cover keyword optimization, content refinement, and other proven techniques, ensuring sustainable growth in search engine results.

Help to Create Website Assets for SEO Growth

SEO consultants help create valuable, futuristic website assets that empower your SEO growth. From content development to optimizing website structure, our SEO consultants ensure your website gets all the essentials to retain and attract organic traffic.

Organic Ranking Goal Setup with Detailed Roadmap

Expert SEO consultants set clear organic ranking goals for your website and provide a detailed roadmap to achieve them. Our consultants outline step-by-step actions, ensuring a structured approach to achieving your SEO objectives.

Step-by-Step SEO Strategy Implementation

Reliable SEO consultants always guide you through the step-by-step implementation of a dedicated SEO strategy. From on-page optimization to off-page techniques, our SEO consultants ensure each aspect is executed smoothly, maximizing your website's potential for improved search engine rankings.

Analytics & Ranking Dashboard Setup with Reporting

To track progress, SEO consultants set up analytics and ranking dashboards. We provide in-depth reporting, providing you insights into your website's performance. This transparency helps you make informed decisions and continuous improvement for sustainable SEO success.

Why Do You Need an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant helps businesses improve their websites' ranking in search engine results. An SEO consultant allows businesses to find potential clients and remain competitive in their business niche. As a renowned SEO consultant, we analyze and optimize your website to meet your specific goals and increase revenue in less time. We keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

SEO Consultant Help to Elevate Organic Keyword Ranking

Boost your website's visibility with expert help in optimizing organic keyword rankings.

  • Strategic keyword analysis
  • Proven on-page SEO techniques
  • Goal-oriented strategies
  • Targeted content optimization
  • Continuous performance monitoring

Help to Create New Website Asset Creation

Maximize your online presence with the help of compelling website asset creation.

  • Engaging content development
  • Multimedia integration
  • User-friendly design enhancement
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Improved site structure

SEO Consultant Help on Technical Health of the Website

We ensure your website's technical health for optimal performance.

  • Comprehensive technical audits
  • Website speed optimization
  • Mobile-friendliness assessment
  • Error resolution
  • Secure HTTPS implementation

SEO Consultant Help on Right Direction of On-Page Optimization

Our SEO consultants navigate the complexities of on-page optimization and take it in the right direction.

  • Content refinement strategies
  • Metadata optimization
  • User experience enhancement
  • Internal linking strategies
  • SEO-friendly URL structuring

SEO Consultant Helps to Create High-Quality Backlinks

Build a strong online presence by creating high-quality backlinks.

  • Link building strategies
  • Outreach and relationship-building
  • Natural and authoritative link-building
  • Finding harmful links
  • Competitive backlink analysis

SEO Consultant Helps to Improve Organic Lead Generation

Optimize your website to generate and improve high-quality organic leads.

  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Landing page refinement
  • Call-to-action optimization
  • User journey analysis
  • A/B testing for improved lead capture

How Can the SEO Consultant Help Your Business Growth?


Increase Website Ranking

Increase your website's ranking on search engines to attract visitors and enhance online visibility.


Increase Brand Visibility

Increase your brand's online visibility to reach more people and create a long-term impact.


Increase Organic Traffic

We naturally get more visitors to your website by optimizing it for search engine visibility.


Increase Organic Leads

Optimize your site to generate more organic leads and grow your customer base.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Improve your website to convert more visitors into customers, increasing overall conversion rates.


Analytics & Ranking Dashboard Setup

Set up tools to monitor and track rankings and website performance and gain valuable insights.

What services do we provide as an SEO consultant in India?

We are top SEO consultants in India, offering many SEO services to maximize your business profits and efficiency.

Numbers speak louder than words

Indeed, numbers resonate with adequate clarity, and we give them speaking volumes with our expert digital marketing consulting services.


Keywords Ranked


Project successfull Completed


Organic Traffic Genrated


Happy Customers

How to Choose the Right SEO Consultant?

Selecting the right SEO consultant is a typical task. You need to look for their expertise in technical SEO skills, ranking factors, knowledge of organic, a strong work portfolio, a good market reputation, justified service costs, and overall credibility. Consider all these factors to find the best-fit SEO consultants for you.


SEO Consultant Must have Excellent Technical SEO Skills

There are lots of technical skills required to be an SEO consultant. An SEO consultant must have technical skills such as keyword research, website designing, analytics, transparent communication, content marketing, process optimization, etc. At ProfitByPPC, we are highly skilled in all SEO elements and help you get a strong online presence.


SEO Consultant Must have Knowledge of Organic Ranking Factors

Before hiring SEO consultants, it is vital to know that they should be aware of all organic ranking factors. Being a reliable SEO consultant in India, we know all the required organic ranking factors and how to implement them to get the best results and high profits for your business.


Check the SEO Consultant Previous Work Portfolio

A consultant's portfolio is a window into their work experience and success. It helps you know about their capabilities and the projects they have managed. While assessing our portfolio, you can quickly learn about the projects we have successfully handled, especially those similar to your business niche.


Cost of Services must be Justified for an SEO Consultant

Finding a cost-effective SEO consultant is a must to meet your objectives at budget-friendly prices. Here, we help you get the best affordable SEO consultant services. Our knowledgeable SEO consultants understand your requirements and give the best cost-effective solutions


SEO Consultant Must have a Good Reputation in the Market

Finding a reliable SEO consultant with a good reputation in the market can be a daunting task. However, it is worth investing your valuable time and effort in finding the best SEO consultant. We have a strong reputation in the market and improve your online presence and achieve a competitive advantage.


Check SEO Consultant Credibility Before Hire

Before hiring an SEO consultant, ensure you get legal documentation from the service provider to safeguard you and your hard-earned money. Also, clear communication is the best way to ensure credibility. We are highly credible, and our clients trust us for transparent communication and the legal pathway we follow.

Why Choose Profit By PPC for SEO Consultants

With the help of our digital marketing consultant, you can achieve your business objectives and stay ahead of the competition. We help you get long-term success in your industry.

Connect with Expert

Understand Keyword Ranking Vision

We understand your vision for keyword ranking and creating strategies aligned with your goals for enhanced online presence.

Guaranteed Ranking Result

Our commitment is to bring top-ranking results to enhance your website's ranking on search engines.

Long Term Solutions

We provide long-term, sustainable solutions, ensuring your website's success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Cost Saving

Our cost-effective SEO strategies optimize your investment and ensure maximum impact on your budget.

Help on Organic Traffic to Lead Conversion

We drive organic traffic and convert it into valuable leads, maximizing your online presence for enhanced profits.

Transparency with Client

We always maintain clear and transparent communication. Our partnership keeps you informed and confident in our strategies.

ROI Focused

Our focus is on delivering a strong return on investment (ROI), ensuring your investment in SEO generates impactful results.

Excellent SEO Portfolio & Case Study

Our excellent portfolio and case studies show our proven track record, reflecting successful strategies that have boosted success.

Ranking and Traffic Target

We set clear targets for traffic and ranking, ensuring a robust SEO approach for maximizing your online presence and visibility.

How much does an SEO consultant charge in India?

SEO consultant charges may vary on factors like experience and their services. Connect with us to know our SEO consultation charges for optimal results.

How to Measure the ROI of an SEO Consultant?

  • Website Health Score & Authority

    SEO consultants measure site health and improve authority.

  • Keywords Ranking Growth

    Track and enhance keyword positions for continuous growth.

  • Traffic & Lead Number

    Monitor traffic and optimize it for increased lead generation.

FAQs Related SEO Consultant in India

An SEO consultant assists businesses to improve their website ranking and increase organic results. They help you find potential clients and help you remain competitive and profitable. Hiring SEO consultants is beneficial to grow your ROI.
An SEO consultant should have several qualities to be successful in their work. The three main qualities of an SEO consultant include:
  • Technical proficiency
  • Strategic thinking
  • Transparent communication
Search engines like Google look at the sources of your backlinks. Therefore, it is vital to get quality backlinks from authoritative websites. Also, your website must be equipped with quality content and optimized for search results.

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Increasein Organic Visitors

We Work:Your Vision Leader on Organic Ranking

Being a reliable and competitive digital marketing agency for startups, our clients trust us for organic results. We work to bring success to your business in less time.

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As a professional SEO Consultant, our main focus is to increase Organic Traffic.

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The experts we employ will not rest until they bring you the expected ROI.

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We use time-tested practices and tactics to ensure long-term success.

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Being a renowned Digital Media Advertising company in India, we are on a mission to bring the best outcomes to your business and ensure long-term success.


Aakash Vi R

We’ve been using Profit by PPC for our SEO efforts for over a year now and they’ve been exceptional. Kudos to the entire team :)


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Been using Performance Marketing from Profit By PPC. Whole team is very approachable and responsible, leads to positive results as well. Kudos to the entire team

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ProfitByPPC's team of experts took the reins & delivered outstanding results for my business. Their in-depth knowledge of Google Ads & their strategic approach helped us to increase in leads.

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