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What is PPC Services?

Pay-per-click or PPC is a type of digital marketing advertising model where advertisers pay a fee whenever the ad is clicked by the user. In a simple word, PPC Means, advertisers only pay when someone clicks on your ad, also you can say it's a method of 'buying' targeted visits to your website, in addition to driving website visits via paid ads.


Most of our clients double their leads within 1-2 months.

Type of PPC Ads Services

There are various types of PPC ad services, each PPC ad service catering to different platforms and advertising objectives; at Profit By PPC, we offer 8 types of PPC services to help achieve digital marketing goals that covers Branding, Lead Generation, and Product Sell.

Google Ads Services

We enhance your web presence with meticulously created Google Ads initiatives. We drive focused traffic and conversions, fine-tuning ad spots, keywords, and spending for budget-friendly outcomes and robust returns on investment.

Facebook Ads Services

Get benefited with the immense power of social media marketing through our Facebook Ads expertise. By developing captivating ad creative, targeting chosen demographics, and monitoring performance metrics, we aim to elevate your brand's recognition, interaction, and conversion rates on this global social platform.

Instagram Ads Services

Narrate your brand's visual saga on Instagram with our specialized ad services. We blend eye-catching designs with precise targeting and ad optimization to genuinely engage your audience, achieving tangible outcomes.

LinkedIn Ads Services

Boost your B2B marketing game with our LinkedIn Ads. Creating impactful campaigns aimed at professionals, we leverage LinkedIn's detailed targeting capabilities. Our focus lies in getting quality leads, building brand trust, and nurturing significant connections within this professional arena.

Twitter Ads Services

Engage your audience with timely conversations through our Twitter Ads. We build striking ads, use sharp targeting methods, and tap into trending discussions, raising your brand's profile, helping interaction, and realizing your marketing objectives on this vibrant platform.

Youtube Ads Services

With us, you can get a long run on YouTube. We produce enthralling video ads, strategically placed for maximum impact, utilizing targeting to boost views, engagement, and conversions on this leading video-sharing giant.

Taboola Ads Services

Broaden your reach with native advertising using our Taboola Ads. We specialize in native advertising, Creating engaging content, optimizing for native placement, and leveraging Taboola's network to amplify traffic and heighten brand awareness across top-tier publishers.

Bing Ads Services

ProfitByPPC's Bing Ads services help you connect with a varied audience. Excelling in campaign optimization for Microsoft's search engine, we focus on demographic targeting and ad copy refinement, enhancing visibility and conversions for a well-rounded search engine marketing strategy.

Why PPC Services Are Important For Your Business?


Quick Growth in the Business

PPC is your key to rapid business development. We use strategic digital marketing techniques, creating campaigns that propel quick and enduring business growth.


Increase Brand Visibility

Our bespoke strategies are designed to elevate your brand's online visibility, utilizing various platforms to make your presence distinct in the digital world.


Increase Targeted Traffic

Our PPC approach targets driving high-quality traffic to your website, fine-tuning ad placements and keywords for utmost impact.


Increase Qualified Leads

We efficiently generate leads that are not only high in quality but also aligned with your business's potential prospects.


PPC Ads Increase your Sales

Our team works to increase your sales. We use dedicated campaigns for conversions, maximizing your investment returns.


Remarketing Opportunities

We use the best remarketing strategies that help you reconnect with potential customers. This only heightens brand’s value and drives conversions.

How to Measure ROI of a PPC Ads Services?

  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)

    We measure and calculate the cost required for each lead.

  • Lead Close Rate

    We analyze lead close rates for refining sales strategies.

  • Cost Per Acquisition

    Determine the cost per acquisition to maximize efficiency and profitability.

PPC Services Includes

PPC Services Include Search Ad, Display Ad, Shopping Ad, App Install Ad, Video View Ad, Gmail Ad, Product Sell ad, and Lead Gen Ads. Through the implementation of PPC services, companies can expand their reach, enhance brand visibility, and generate valuable traffic to their websites.


Search Ads

Your online visibility reaches new heights through targeted search ads. Our optimization of keywords, ad copy, and bids are designed to attract customers actively seeking your products or services, thus enhancing traffic and conversions.


Display Ads

We display ads to create a striking brand presence with our visually appealing display ads. Placed strategically across relevant digital spaces, these ads bolster brand awareness and engagement, effectively reaching your target audience.


Shopping Ads

Our highly optimized shopping Ads elevate your product visibility and drives sales through expertly optimized shopping ads. We create standout product listings to ensure your items shine in search results, attracting potential buyers and enhancing your e-commerce success.


App Install Ads

We increase your app's downloads through targeted app install ads. Our expert team has proficiency in creating the best ways to increase your app installs. We strategically reach your audience across platforms, optimizing for installations to increase your app’s visibility and user base.


Youtube / Video Ads

Our strategy revolves around boosting views, supporting engagement, and enhancing conversions. We harness the sheer force of video marketing, elevating your brand's presence and forging tangible outcomes. Hire our affordable YouTube ads services to boost your online visibility in less time and cost.


Gmail Ads

Our Gmail Ads services work for direct engagement of customers and help you reach them effortlessly. Creating personalized and visually striking ads, we engage users in this more personal space, enhancing brand recognition and driving clicks to your website or landing pages.


Product Sell Ads

Our highly experienced PPC team has huge expertise in creating impactful product sell ads. We optimize listings, use persuasive ad copy, and target apt audiences, ensuring your products not only get noticed but also convert, maximizing revenue.


Lead Generation Ads

We work for business growth through strategic lead generation ads. We generate high quality leads. We develop effective ad content, use precise targeting, and optimize for conversions, attracting valuable leads to help business growth and potential long-term relationships.

PPC Ads Management Services Cover

The main responsibilities of PPC campaign management are createing, analyzing and optimizing the ads through data driven matrix, for the creating ads, analyzing and optimizing campaign, we cover verious ads management stratergy that includes:

Numbers speak louder than words

Indeed, numbers resonate with adequate clarity, and we give them speaking volumes with our expert digital marketing consulting services.


Keywords Ranked


Project successfull Completed


Organic Traffic Genrated


Happy Customers

PPC Service Pricing

At Profit By PPC, we are taking very simple pricing model on PPC Services, the cost of PPC management services start from INR 15000 Only, here are the detailed Pricing structure for PPC management services.

PPC Platforms Ads Management Cost UpTo 1L Spend Ads Management Cost UpTo 2L Spend Ads Management Cost Above 2L Spend
Google Ads  ₹15,000 ₹30,000 13% of Ads Spent
Facebook / Insta Ads  ₹15,000 ₹30,000 13% of Ads Spent
Linkedin Ads  ₹15,000 ₹30,000 13% of Ads Spent

Twitter Ads

 ₹15,000 ₹30,000 13% of Ads Spent

Tabools Ads

 ₹15,000 ₹30,000  13% of Ads Spent

Bing Ads

 ₹15,000  ₹30,000 13% of Ads Spent

Note:* 1. We are not charging any Setup Fee. 2. Cost may change depending on Service / Product Category. 3. Creative cost will be separate.

Why Should You Hire Profit By PPC For PPC Services?

Here are the list of Reason to hire Profit By PPC for PPC services in India.

Connect with Expert

Understand Vision & Objective

We align our marketing strategies with your business's vision and objectives. This ensures that every campaign is custom-made to fulfill specific goals and align with your broader mission.

Selecting Right Platform

We're skilled in pinpointing the most effective advertising platforms for your brand. By considering demographic data, user behaviors, and industry movements, we enhance the impact of your campaigns.

Customize Campaigns

We customize campaigns to mirror your unique brand essence. Our team uses bespoke content and design elements, ensuring a genuine connection with your target audience.

ROI Focused

Our strategies are shaped around maximizing your return on investment. Our focus on optimization delivers measurable, significant results, enhancing your business's growth.

Guaranteed Results

We stand firm in our commitment to deliver promised outcomes. Using data-backed strategies, continuous fine-tuning, and transparent progress reports, we aim to meet your business expectations.

Cost Saving

Our digital marketing experts stand by their commitment to excellence. We do not just promise but guarantee results that exceed your expectations.

Long Term Solutions

Our strategic digital marketing approach optimizes resources and maximizes the impact of your investment to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe that transparency is the key to our client relationships. We keep you informed and provide regular insights and reports to help you make informed decisions.

Transparency with Client

Our rich and strong portfolio showcases a proven and successful track record of delivering exceptional results at an affordable budget.

FAQ’s Related PPC Ads Management Services

PPC allows advertisers to bid on keywords relevant to their business ventures. When these keywords are searched, the ads pop up. Advertisers only pay when their ad is clicked, ensuring you spend money on genuine engagement. This model is a cost-efficient method to attract targeted traffic and boost conversions.
An excellent digital marketing consultant should know industry trends and data-driven strategies and provide transparent communication. Also, they must have a proven track record of success and a client-focused approach.
There are several qualities of a consultant. However, the three main qualities a consultant should have include a proactive approach to problem-solving, robust industry knowledge, and adaptability to diverse client needs.
You can measure the success of your PPC campaign by analyzing key metrics such as cost per acquisition, click-through rates, return on ad spend, conversion rates, and overall campaign performance.

Have Some Queries On digital Marketing Consulting Services?

Check Our PPC Service in numbers


Increasein Organic Visitors


Increasein Website Visitors


Increasein Organic Visitors

We Work:Your Vision Leader on PPC Services

Being one of the most reliable PPC companies, we have achieved a great presence among them. Our work is always dedicated to bringing success to your business.

360 Degree PPC Services

"As a trusted digital marketing agency specializing in startup growth, we are dedicated to swiftly driving organic success for your business. "


Our focus is on creating a unique identity for your business that resonates with your target audience and consumers.

Performance Marketing

To deliver professional, yet cost-effective digital marketing solutions is our hallmark.

Lead Generation

Our experts constantly strive to deliver the ROI you anticipate.

App Install

We use our PPC expertise to increase your app installs on App store and Play store.

PPC Services Clients

As a leading PPC service provider in India, we are driven by the goal of securing exceptional results and long-term success for your business.


Aakash Vi R

Partnering with ProfitByPPC revolutionized our online impact! Their mastery in Google Ads brought an influx of traffic and conversions. Their dedicated methods and ROI-centric approach surpassed our expectations. A dependable partner for business growth. :)


Tonmoy Shingal

Incredible outcomes with ProfitByPPC's Facebook Ads! Our brand's visibility soared, leading to a rise in engagement and sales. Their strategic focus and creative flair make them stand out. Strongly recommend their services.


Rahul Kumar

Opting for ProfitByPPC's YouTube Ads was transformative! Their engaging video content struck a chord with our audience. Their analytics-based strategy guaranteed a substantial ROI. A remarkable blend of service and results!


Sourav Raj

"ProfitByPPC's Lead Generation Ads were phenomenal for us. The caliber of leads and customized campaigns demonstrated a deep grasp of our goals. A reliable partner for lead-centric strategies."



Our company is taking the Guest post service from ProfitByPPC company from last 2 years. It's amazing and going great till now in Backlinking Services. Highly Recommend.


Ankur Tandon

Been using Performance Marketing from Profit By PPC. Whole team is very approachable and responsible, leads to positive results as well. Kudos to the entire team

Step Learning

Sanil Rao

ProfitByPPC's team of experts took the reins & delivered outstanding results for my business. Their in-depth knowledge of Google Ads & their strategic approach helped us to increase in leads.

Some of the tools we actively use these tools for Brand's growth

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