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Narendra Kumar is one of India's leading Digital Marketing Consultants, with over 12 years of expertise derived from working with 250+ brands and running a successful digital marketing agency (Profit By PPC). He works with various brands and businesses for their digital marketing campaigns, including Max Life Insurance, Sprinklr, Mercer | Mettl, HDFC Life, and many more.

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What is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A Digital Marketing Consultant is a professional who advises businesses on online marketing strategies for reaching their goals and elevating their online presence. These professionals must have a strong understanding of digital marketing campaigns for digital platforms. At ProfitByPPC, we are well-versed in various aspects of digital marketing that help businesses to enhance brand visibility and attract target audiences.


Most of our clients double their business within 6-9 months.

What does a digital marketing consultant do?

A digital marketing consultant helps businesses improve their online presence and achieve marketing goals. They develop customized strategies, manage campaigns across various digital channels, optimize websites, Demonstrate Digital Campaign Financial Planning, and provide recommendations for ongoing improvement.

Analyse the Current Status of digital marketing strategy

Our proficient digital marketing consultants do an in-depth analysis of existing strategies to identify the strengths and loopholes in your current digital marketing approach. We provide a strong foundation for assured improvements dedicated to the brand's unique needs.

Identify the right problems that affect growth

Only the right solutions helps the perfect growth, our expert digital marketing consultant helps on identify business growth areas in all aspect of digital marketing, including growth from seo, social media, performance marketing, or where the gap is, and provide the right solutions for achieving the target within timeline.

Create a New Digital Marketing Strategy that aligns with the Brand’s Goal

After finding the gap that affects growth, we create a solid digital marketing plan with a proven strategy for business growth, here our expert digital marketing consultant creates an in-depth plan on SEO, Social Media, Performance Marketing, PR & Branding.

Target Goal Setup and Detailed Roadmap

Once we finalize the detailed digital marketing plan, we create a detailed roadmap with a timeline for execution, also our digital marketing expert shares a clear target that matches your business goals on growth perspective.

Step-by-Step Implementation of digital marketing strategy

As a professional digital marketing expert, we know the right approach for tasks implementation where we fridge the short term goal and long term goal for perfect business growth. Our implementation is very simple and effective where we do 360 degree approach for growth in every aspect.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics play a vital role in ensuring the digital success of any business. We help businesses leverage data insights to optimize and refine strategies, providing detailed reports that showcase the impact of critical implementations and assist in decision-making.

Demonstrate Financial Planning

Effective and relevant digital marketing also incorporates perfect financial planning. Our consultants frame required budgets, ensure cost-effectiveness, allocate essential resources, and demonstrate a clear view of the financial dynamics according to your industry vertical.

Educate the Digital Marketing Team

We trust in knowledge transfer and consider it an integral part of our digital marketing approach. We engage and educate the digital marketing teams and equip them with the most advanced and essential digital marketing strategies for their client's success.

Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A digital marketing consultant can assist your brand in maximizing online visibility and engagement. They help brands to take data-driven marketing strategies so that you will able to give stiff competition to your competitors and gain more customers.

Digital Marketing Consultant helps to elevate the Marketing Strategy

Elevate your digital marketing approach with our strategic and long years of expertise.

  • Expert's planning
  • Strategy with seasoned insights
  • Infuse experience with implementation
  • Leverage industry benefits strategically
  • Decent perspective on market dynamics

Digital Marketing Consultant Helps to Decide with a Data-Driven Approach

We help you uncover valuable insights through a data-driven and comprehensive audit for strategic optimization.

  • Comprehensive auditing
  • Experts' data-driven approach
  • Identify strengths and growth opportunities
  • Refining and enhancing strategies
  • A strong foundation for strategic decisions

Digital Marketing Consultant helps to bring maximum impact in all Marketing Channels

Adaptable strategies and a strong commitment to diverse marketing channels to bring maximum impact.

  • Tailor services for specific needs
  • Adapt strategies
  • Commitment to maximum impacts
  • Expertise across marketing channels
  • Ensure flexibility
  • Holistic marketing approach

Digital Marketing Consultant helps to enhance visibility for all your online assets

Our digital marketing consultants optimize your online assets for the highest visibility and consistency.

  • Optimize online assets
  • Strategic approach
  • High website traffic
  • Ensure a compelling brand presence
  • Drive organic traffic
  • Enhancing Search Engine Rankings

Digital Marketing Consultant helps to improve Brand Image and Customer Engagement

We assist businesses in fostering meaningful customer connections and a strong brand image for long-term engagement.

  • Enhanced brand image
  • Long-term customer engagement
  • Positive brand experience
  • Aligning brand values
  • Foster connections with the audience

Digital Marketing Consultant helps you stay by Match and surpass the competition

We identify, strategize, and help you stay ahead by matching and surpassing competitor tactics.

  • Analyze competitor strategies
  • Develop tactics to surpass the competition
  • Leverage competitive insights
  • A step ahead with differentiated approaches
  • Continuously refine strategies

Digital Marketing Consultant helps on DM Channel Automation and Connectivity

Our digital marketing consultants revolutionize your digital strategy with digital marketing channel automation and connectivity.

  • Channels integration for a strong brand presence
  • Automation to enhance efficiency
  • Save valuable time
  • Optimize data flow for decision-making
  • Data-driven campaigns
  • Synchronized marketing approach

How Can the Digital Marketing Consultant Help Your Business Growth?


Increase Organic Presence

Boost your online presence organically with quality content and SEO strategies.


Increase Brand Visibility

Enhance brand visibility with a consistent multichannel presence and robust marketing approach.


Increase Targeted Traffic

We drive and increase relevant traffic to your website using optimized content for search intent.


Increase Qualified Leads

Attract valuable and qualified leads with personalized and targeted campaigns.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Implement the best conversion rate optimization strategies for seamless interactions and higher ROI.


Right Tool Set up for Marketing Automation

Enhance efficiency with the proper tool setup for effective marketing automation techniques.

What services do we provide as a digital marketing consultant in India?

As a digital marketing consultant in India, we provide multiple services that include:

Numbers speak louder than words

Indeed, numbers resonate with adequate clarity, and we give them speaking volumes with our expert digital marketing consulting services.


Keywords Ranked


Project successfull Completed


Organic Traffic Genrated


Happy Customers

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Consultant?

Choosing the right digital marketing consultant is crucial for the success of your online marketing campaigns. Here are some key factors you must consider while selecting the right digital marketing consultant:


Digital Marketing Consultant Must Have Research Skills

Efficient and business-centric digital marketing strategies boost your business growth and keep you a step ahead of the competitors. Our DM experts empower your business with their skills in current market trends, competitors, and customer behavior experience. We create data-driven campaigns to target your desired market.


Digital Marketing Consultant Must Have Excellent Technical Skills

Digital prowess is non-negotiable. We ensure boosting your business growth with our cutting-edge technical skills and help you leverage the full potential of the latest tools and technologies. Our expertise is key for optimizing your online presence, SEO, and keeping your presence across different digital platforms.


Check Digital Marketing Consultant Previous Work Portfolio

With a strong work portfolio, we have achieved a strong presence among our clients. We have strong capabilities to provide futuristic digital marketing services as per your industry verticals. A comprehensive portfolio showcases our versatility and success stories, giving you confidence in our ability to meet your unique digital marketing needs.


Cost of services must be justified for a digital marketing consultant

We know transparency in costing is paramount for every service provider, and we maintain it forever. Evaluate the cost of services against your budget and expected ROI. Being a reliable digital marketing consultant, we provide a clear breakdown, ensuring you understand your investment's value and impact.


Digital Marketing Consultant must have Good Reputation in the Market

We have achieved a strong reputation in the digital marketing services market. Our research skills have impressed several businesses and assisted them in getting what they expected from a digital marketing consultant. Our positive standing in the market signals reliability, expertise, and a perfect track record of delivering the best results.


Check Digital Marketing Consultant credibility

While hiring a digital marketing consultant, you should constantly scrutinize certifications and credentials. It helps you ensure their credibility. A credible consultant like us should possess recognized affiliations and qualifications, reinforcing their commitment to ethical practices and industry standards.


Check Digital Marketing Consultant Customer Service Satisfaction

Providing effective customer service is the liability of every company involved in digital marketing or other services. Assess the consultant's customer service—clarity, willingness, and responsiveness to address queries. We use a collaborative approach to enhance the overall digital market service and effective customer service.


Explore Digital Marketing Consultant Work Values

Aligning work values is often missed but vital. Understand the approach, work ethic, and commitment of the digital marketing service provider to client success. Our shared values develop a collaborative partnership, ensuring that our clients can easily explore our work values as per their project needs.

Why Choose Profit By PPC for Digital Marketing Consultants

Looking to enhance your brand's visibility and success? Consider hiring a digital marketing consultant from Profit By PPC. As your strategic digital partner, we aim to drive growth and profits for your business in today's dynamic online landscape.

Connect with Expert

Understand Vision & Objective

We meticulously understand your vision and objectives. Our team creates and aligns the strategies to ensure your digital presence reflects and brings customers to your business.

Long Term Solutions

We craft long-term digital solutions that meet future challenges and ensure sustainable and relevant growth.

Help You Grow Ethically

Our firm commitment to implementing ethical practices only ensures the building of your brand's integrity and the trust of your customers.

ROI Focused

Our mission is your success. We channelize the digital marketing plan to drive ROI and profits from different sources.

Customer Satisfaction

Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we prioritize communication and cultivating a partnership where your success and satisfaction are our guarantee.

Guaranteed Results

Our digital marketing experts stand by their commitment to excellence. We do not just promise but guarantee results that exceed your expectations.

Cost Saving

Our strategic digital marketing approach optimizes resources and maximizes the impact of your investment to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Transparency with Client

We believe that transparency is the key to our client relationships. We keep you informed and provide regular insights and reports to help you make informed decisions.

Excellent DM Portfolio & Case Study

Our excellent, completed, and rich portfolio showcases a proven track of delivering exceptional results in less time and budget.

How much does a digital marketing consultant charge in India?

The fees charged by digital marketing consultants in India can vary based on several factors, including the consultant's experience, expertise, scope of services, and the specific needs of the client. Check Profit By PPC's Digital Marketing Consulting Charges:

How to Measure ROI of a Digital Marketing Consultant?

  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)

    We measure and calculate the cost required for each lead.

  • Lead Close Rate

    We analyze lead close rates for refining sales strategies.

  • Cost Per Acquisition

    Determine the cost per acquisition to maximize efficiency and profitability.

FAQs Related Digital Marketing Consultant in India

Hiring a digital marketing consultant can benefit your business in different ways. They create SEO strategies, manage conversion rates, optimize campaigns, increase online visibility, and stay ahead of industry trends.
An excellent digital marketing consultant should know industry trends and data-driven strategies and provide transparent communication. Also, they must have a proven track record of success and a client-focused approach.
There are several qualities of a consultant. However, the three main qualities a consultant should have include a proactive approach to problem-solving, robust industry knowledge, and adaptability to diverse client needs.
Yes. Your company data is generally safe with a digital marketing consultant. They use secure tools and maintain confidentiality to safeguard sensitive information.

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Increasein Organic Visitors

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Being a renowned Digital Media Advertising company in India, we are on a mission to bring the best outcomes to your business and ensure long-term success.


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