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ProfitByPPC is a Google Ads Partner Agency; we're veterans in creating and optimizing ad campaigns to grow your business.

Increases Leads and Customers

Being a leading Google ad agency, we set up your campaign correctly. It will have great potential to send targeted leads to your business.

High Return on Investment

Once the ad campaign is optimized perfectly, you can get a high ROI, which may not be accessible with other marketing plans.

Targeted & High-Quality Traffic

Due to Google's massive customer base and market dominance, this search giant can bring high traffic daily within your ad budget.

Google Ads Services Covers

Setting up and managing Google Adwords' campaign is quite complex for you to work by your own. This is where our Adwords services come to help you achieve success through it.


Keyword Research

Keywords are the critical aspects that assure the success of your ad campaign. The keywords must be relevant to your business domain and search intent. Our search engine marketing and keyword experts extensively research and analyze to find appropriate keywords. We also identify negative keywords carefully and create a perfect ad to increase the business reach.


Search Ads

Search Ads are online advertising platforms that enable businesses to showcase their ads effectively in search engine results. The search ad results rely on factors such as landing page quality, ad copy relevance, bids, search terms, targeted location, and quality score. Our prominent Google ads service helps you harness the power of strategic search ad campaigns.


Display Ads

Such Google ads are high in demand and appear on a web page in several places. Unlike search ads that appear in search results, display ads are multimedia or graphic advertisements that can include videos, images, and interactive elements. Our Google ad experts target specific websites, interests, or demographics to reach customers effortlessly.


Shopping Ads

We are an expert Google ad agency with strong expertise and skills in several ad campaigns, and creating shopping ads is one of them. Our shopping ad campaign management services assist eCommerce businesses to become industry leaders in less time and budget. We help them in converting visitors into potential customers.


Video Ads

When you hire our Ad service, we also level up your business with our video ads service on YouTube and Google Display Networks. We at ProfitByPPC assist you in targeting your customers based on their location, interest, demographic, devices, and keywords. In this way, we will spread the boundaries of your business and increase your business revenue.


Remarketing Campaigns

Retargeting and remarketing campaigns assist in identifying and analyzing your website visitors who didn't remember about your business domain. With remarketing campaigns, we remind them about your products and services. Our renowned Google ad experts do all the essential groundwork to identify these potential customers, target them, and convert them for business extension.


Conversion Optimization

We are renowned Google Pay Per Click experts. Our experienced copywriters create several ads as per your business domain. Each ad campaign undergoes proper testing to ensure they bring the desired results. We know all the essentials to make conversion optimization successful.


Display Advertising

Do not miss the golden chance to display your company's advertisements next to search results on other Google sites. Grab the opportunity to increase your brand awareness by displaying ads on the user's searches relevant to your websites. Google sites. Grab the opportunity to increase your brand awareness by displaying ads.

Paid media tools we thrive on

Our highly experienced Google ad experts know how to leverage the full potential of several paid media tools. We ensure your business success.

Connected Clients

Because of our high-performing and budget-friendly Google ad services, we have achieved a deep trust and strong presence between different clients. We ensure your long-term success.


Aakash Vi R

We’ve been using Profit by PPC for our SEO efforts for over a year now and they’ve been exceptional. Kudos to the entire team :)


Tonmoy Shingal

ProfitByPPC is highly recommended. They offer the most competent rates for their excellent services. Delivery time is great and your best part is the result you offered us. Thanks a lot.


Rahul Kumar

Reliable partner for us. Good Quality Backlinks. Affordable rates.


Sourav Raj

"Our company is currently using Profit by PPC's content editing services, and we are very pleased with the results. They are attentive to my needs and provide excellent service. I appreciate their quick turnaround time."



Our company is taking the Guest post service from ProfitByPPC company from last 2 years. It's amazing and going great till now in Backlinking Services. Highly Recommend.


Ankur Tandon

Been using Performance Marketing from Profit By PPC. Whole team is very approachable and responsible, leads to positive results as well. Kudos to the entire team

Step Learning

Sanil Rao

ProfitByPPC's team of experts took the reins & delivered outstanding results for my business. Their in-depth knowledge of Google Ads & their strategic approach helped us to increase in leads.

The Process we flow

As an expert digital marketing company, we follow an agile and creative ad campaign process that brings success closer to you.

Client's business research

We do in-depth research on your business before deciding on the ad campaign strategy. This step targets to analyze your competitors, too. We try to bring the top advantages and profits to your business. We know how to make your Google ad campaign more successful by targeting the right audience on a suitable device and time.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Once your Google ad campaign goals are decided, we start keyword research and analysis. In this step, we identify the target keywords and competitors' tactics to leverage the full potential of ad campaigns. Here, our digital marketing experts use proper SWOT analysis.

Professional Ad Copy & Placement

Now, we roll out your ad campaign as created by our experts. We maintain and track the performance of your ad campaign. Moreover, before the ad campaign launch, we perfect an A/B test to know the customers' behavior, target location, age, etc. We create the perfect ad campaigns that resonate and reflect your business.

Monitoring Reports & Improvising

Monitoring ad campaigns is one of the essential tasks. We know how to manage and improvise the movement per changing market needs and customer behavior. We occasionally evaluate your ad performance to assess conversion rates and ROI.

Why Choose Us

Being a dedicated digital marketing agency, we help you grow your business with our intelligent deliverables that create measurable KPIs.

  • Expertise

    We have certified Google ad professionals with years of expertise in converting visitors into potential customers.

  • Stay Ahead of Your Competition

    Ad experts at ProfitByPPC identify gaps, analyze conversion rates, and help you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Stability

    We run highly reliable and creative ad campaigns per multiple marketing disciplines. We make your business stable and sustainable.

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We brighten up your business with our wide range of ad campaign services. We take challenges as opportunities.

Industries We Serve

We utilize cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, conduct in-depth client data analyses, and develop innovative new approaches to assist our customers in expanding their businesses and broadening the reach of their brands.

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B2B SaaS

Our SEO agency serves different B2B SaaS companies and helps them generate and increase their leads and growth.


WBeing a renowned Digital Media Advertising company in India, we are on a mission to bring the best outcomes to Ed-Tech industries and ensure long-term success.


Using a proactive approach, our team manages all aspects of SEO strategies required to get the desired results for FinTech organizations.


With our innovative and proactive digital marketing approach, your website will stand out and help you remain at the top of the real estate market.


With innovative SEO analysis, we identify problems and determine the best action for healthcare service providers.


We use the best SEO tools, such as HTML elements, headlines, and images, to assist government organizations in better public service.


Optimized SEO strategies to help you drive more traffic and reach customers to your business in less time and budget.


We implement the most effective approach for exceeding your expectations and creating a strong chain of quality leads.

We Work To Enhance Your Vision

We are dynamic, versatile, and reliable digital marketing agency that's why our clients trust us to meet their digital needs. Our motto is to bring success to your business.

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Our guest post services help you earn top benefits and boost your business presence. Our expert team brings potential customers and improves your business rank on search results.

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