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Profit By PPC – Profitable Google Ads Services


ProfitByPPC is a premium leading company known for its expertise in running successful Google Ads campaigns that derive Returns. We manage ads in such a way that performs in a way to reach your target audience, derive more traffics, and increase conversions. We apply the best set of strategies in Google Ads campaigns to make it more affordable, targeted and delivering strong ROI for your company. Put us in the right place and see your profit getting higher and your business growing like never before.

Google Adwords Service Package

Being a most reliable agency, we know the best possible manner of displaying an advertisement. We help our clients to decide which type of Google ad campaign is most suited for their company also guide them to know the best time to use them. Our highly experienced professionals reap high ROI for your company and make you stand out of the competition. We offer varieties of packages that one can afford. You can choose among Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate services packages based on your requirement.

Basic Services

INR 6000/month

Advance Services

INR 12000/month

Ultimate Services

10% on Ad Spend

Range of PPC Services


Search Ads

Generate Leads From Google Search

Display Ads

Promote your brand with Re-Marketing Mechanism

Shopping Ads

Sell Your Product Online with Featured Image Ads

Youtube Ads

Grow Your Brand via YouTube Ads

Mobile App Ads

Mobile Application Advertisement Services

Lead Gen Ads

Generate Qualified Leads with Verified Ads Mechanism 

Branding Ads

Grow Your Brand Visibility with Our Validated Ads Mechanism 

Product Sell Ads

Sell Your Product Online through Social Media

Happy PPC Clients


Clenare - Nasal Filter

ProfitByPPC manages our Facebook ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads. Their ad campaigns are like a lead machine program. They are constantly maintaining our position at the top.

Society On Rent

They helped us generate leads in our niche of business. Their experts gave us lots of leads with their PPC program. Glad to have the PPC partners like you.

Get in Hours - eCommerce

ProfitByPPC is highly recommended. They offer the most competent rates for their excellent services. Delivery time is great and your best part is the result you offered us. Thanks a lot.

Step Learning India

If you are seeking for an A+ company to generate leads and increase profits then ProfitByPPC is the best choice. We appreciate your PPC service.

PPC Expert - Bridge of Profit


Why Choose ProfitByPPC for Google ads

Google ads in one of the best methods to reach your target audience in a short span. This kind of service can make your brand or break your brand; if it is done properly might unleash the customers who were untouched before and, if done in a wrong unprofessionalized way might end you up losing your old customers too. Hence, hand it over to some professionals with years of industry experience and expertise in Google ads.

ProfitbyPPC is a top agency that can offer you desired results. Fully customized PPC campaigns and best strategies have served the companies for an extended period and will help you too. Our main aim is to derive a broad audience, higher lead generation, produce high return plus increase both conversion and sales.

Benefits of Choosing ProfitByPPC’s Google Ads Services

  • Increase brand awareness
  • High ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Long term returns
  • Stand out of competition
  • Understand your competitors better
  • Reach more customers
  • Fastest return 
  • Cost control
  • Reconnect customers
  • Available for support 24×7
  • Brings fast results
  • Customized ads 
  • Bid Management
  • Transparent reporting
  • Wide varieties of packages


Google Ad Services FAQs

You can expect high returns and satisfying results out of your investment. You have options to choose between the 3 packages we offer. We share results and gist of every particular ad we run for you.
ProfitbyPPC is the most reliable and trustworthy agency, so we provide transparent results at the end of every project. We are serving top big names like GetinHours, Royal matrimonial services, Clenare Nasal Filter, Society on rent, Step Learning India, and more.
We have experienced and experts who work dedicatedly to customize every ad. ProfitbyPPC has a separate team to choose the kind of service your brand required to convey the message in the fastest way possible.
We examine everything from your budget to the kind of service you need. We manage your existing Adwords account plus add something if you are lacking. We also create a new account if required, and provide the most excellent work with guaranteed results.
Yes. We provide regular insight and provide Weekly and Monthly reports to our clients. Guide them with new strategies and ads working model. Also, tell them the necessary steps needed for further improvement.
We have experienced and expert in Google Ads consultants who are committed to offering trusted and result-oriented services to all clients. We offer quality services at affordable prices.