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Profit by PPC – Profitable Facebook Ad Service


You are just a step away to boost your eCommerce sales, generate valuable leads, convert visitors into customers, and skyrocket your sales with us. We provide a one-stop solution related to all kinds of problems related to Facebook advertisements. ProfitbyPPC helps all types of businesses, coaches, small firms, or units to increase their revenues only through Facebook advertising. Facebook is the most popular platform to showcase your expertise and create brand awareness. Statistics show 88% of internet users are on Facebook that's why it is the best time to increase your sales using Facebook ads. We have the most experienced and finest experts who are putting 100% into work and ensure guaranteed results in the form of high returns.

Facebook ads campaign service package

Choosing the right campaign in the least expensive way is art. We have secured some best tactics of that art for our clients divided into three kinds of packages. Starting from basic to advanced to an ultimate service package we assure guaranteed and best results through our Facebook ad service. You can go for any package as per your requirement.

Basic Services

INR 6000/month

Advance Services

INR 12000/month

Ultimate Services

10% on Ad Spend

Range of PPC Services


Search Ads

Generate Leads From Google Search

Display Ads

Promote your brand with Re-Marketing Mechanism

Shopping Ads

Sell Your Product Online with Featured Image Ads

Youtube Ads

Grow Your Brand via YouTube Ads

Mobile App Ads

Mobile Application Advertisement Services

Lead Gen Ads

Generate Qualified Leads with Verified Ads Mechanism 

Branding Ads

Grow Your Brand Visibility with Our Validated Ads Mechanism 

Product Sell Ads

Sell Your Product Online through Social Media

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Clenare - Nasal Filter

ProfitByPPC manages our Facebook ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads. Their ad campaigns are like a lead machine program. They are constantly maintaining our position at the top.

Society On Rent

They helped us generate leads in our niche of business. Their experts gave us lots of leads with their PPC program. Glad to have the PPC partners like you.

Get in Hours - eCommerce

ProfitByPPC is highly recommended. They offer the most competent rates for their excellent services. Delivery time is great and your best part is the result you offered us. Thanks a lot.

Step Learning India

If you are seeking for an A+ company to generate leads and increase profits then ProfitByPPC is the best choice. We appreciate your PPC service.

PPC Expert - Bridge of Profit


Why Choose ProfitByPPC for Facebook Ads Campaign

Running an ad is not like posting a picture on Facebook. Your Facebook Ad Campaign has the potential to make your image or break your image. Thousands of people tend to see the ad that leaves immediate impressions on them to make the purchasing decision. Doing all it yourself can be so worse – Hire Some Experts from ProfitbyPPC. We are available to assist 24×7. Professionals have highly trained to choose the type of campaign that will suit best based on your budget, audience, objective, and more importantly your state of the business. 


Benefits ProfitByPPC’s Facebook Ads Campaign

  • Reach potential buyers
  • Large audience reach
  • Higher engagement
  • Trust among your customers
  • Repeated buyers
  • Uncover a fresh audience
  • Gain more fans
  • Gain more followers
  • Boost eCommerce conversions
  • Spark interest among your customers
  • Refine your target audience
  • More marketing efficiency


Facebook Ad Services FAQs

We cover all India including various other countries with the English & other languages.
Yes, you can, Contact us we will run a well-created and most targeted Facebook ad for your company even without a website.
Yes, we can run your Facebook ad on Instagram too.
You can choose one suitable method among the following accepted payment methods: Debit Cards and Credit Card. The debit card includes Discover, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. You can pay through PayPal also.
Yes, we provide a regular report. Instead, our service is most transparent where the client gets a full report of every single penny, he has invested with us.
Facebook ads service provided by ProfitbyPPC is the most effective plus very affordable that any business can make. We have reserved innovative Facebook advertising solutions and plans so that your fruitful customers engaged positively, and you attract new customers each day.